Gale Hawthorne
Gale Hawthorne, District 12.
( independent multi verse rp acount. Catching fire period. )
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Imagine your OTP taking a bath together, just admiring each other’s bodies and placing gentle kisses on each other. 

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The Invasion- AU


She let out a grunt as she was pushed, glancing at the persons opposite of them, none of them looked familiar though she thought she could see some yellow hair, typical Delly to be the first one to help. Madge took a sharp intake of breath as she heard the peacekeeper, dropping to her knees as well, ” NO! Liar!” She screamed out, trying to claw at the other peacekeeper who held him back, ” Gale! No. I love yo—-” She called out, letting out a startled scream as someone yanked at her hair.

Gale lunged foward, the grip on his shoulder tightening,” Don’t worry Hawthorne, We’ll take care to her.” He pressed the barrell of the gun against his head again,” Madge, Will you keep it?” He said biting his lower lip to stop himself from crying,” just always remember that I will always—- ” a shot rang through the air,” silly boy from 12. talks to much.” Gale body slumped to the ground, his last thoughts being of the beautiful girl with strawberries from town.

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The Invasion- AU


The alarm still went on, the noise going trough their ear drums and she ushered Prim in the arms of her mother, seeing some of the other men in uniform run in the other direction. Madge stood up and trailed behind them, curiously she picked up her pace and rounded the corner,  she probably shouldn’t have searched for the danger herself but when she heard the footsteps coming near her she stopped turning on her heels to see several men and woman being dragged by peacekeepers. Then she saw his face, bloody and beaten, ” Gale.” She said, ” GALE!”

Gale coughed and spit up some blood.” Run Madge.” He muttered as they dragged him into a line. Some Peacekeepers ran over and pushed her into a line with the other people who were” cooperating. ” ” Poor Solider Hawthorne, first you broke the laws by hunting in the woods,” the peacekeeper said,” then you lied to the Capitol, Katniss’s cousin huh, never known cousins to kiss each other in the woods.” Gale looked at the peacekeeper and to madge, pain in his eyes, he never told her about that day in the woods before he was whipped. ” Well Goodbye, Mr. Hawthorne,” He said pressing a gun to the back of his head. ” Look away Madge.” Gale pleaded.

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One of my favorite things that’s happened is when seventeen magazine used a picture of Katniss and gale for an article on drama with guy friends
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The Invasion- AU



Gale ran down the hallway and ran to the headquarters. He skidded to a hald as he say a bunch of peacekeepers were standing in front of the only door into the room. He hid as a pair passed the room he was hiding in with a bunch of handcuffs. He peered around the corner and watched as he could see them going in and could hear the clicking of the handcuffs. He debated making a run to the elevator. It was now or never. He got up and ran towards the elevator. It pulled open to reveal more peacekeepers. Then he got a face full of rifle butt.

Madge picked up little Primrose, leading her down the stars as past as her own legs could carry them, they were under some kind of attack, no bombs this time put simply an army of a dozen of highly trained peacekeepers that had managed to get passed the borders of the district. Her mind was still with Gale, several gun shots were heard and she quickly ducked behind a closet, shushing Prim.

The forced him onto the ground and handcuffed him. He struggled against the tight metal bonds on his wrists.” Come on Grab them all, you know what we have to do to the people who.. resist. ” The peacekeeper said grabbing Gale and dragging him to the elevator. “Come on Rebel. ” He head the peacekeepers yell at the rebels in the room, hearing them grabbing them roughly and dragging them out.

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My heart’s against your chest, your lips pressed to my neckI’m falling for your eyes, but they don’t know me yetAnd with this feeling I’ll forget, I’m in love now
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Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that she’s gone, for he sees and hears and feels her everywhere. In the strawberries he buys on the market at the end of his street, in the melody that comes from his neighbour’s piano, in the sweet flowery scent that assaults him everytime he walks by the park, in the blond curls of the girl who sells bread by the lake.
If he closes his eyes, and his mind, he can almost believe she’s come with him to District 2 at the end of the war.
But then he wakes up and he remembers. The Mayor’s daughter is dead.
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